Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Dance of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin
"Ok, so here's the deal, I Absolutely adored "Masque of the Red Death" It was enchanting and just all out wonderful to me, I was so taken in by the story that every time something happened to one of the characters I felt like it was happening to my best friend, I would cry for them, laugh with them and wish desperately that I could help figure things out with them. I loved all the Characters Especially Elliott, for the first half I was Rooting for Araby and Will to be together because he just seemed like the perfect Gentlemen until that all went to crap in a epic twist toward the end of the book, But luckily by that time I had done switched over to Rooting for Elliott full force that I was almost glad Will did what he did because it made me feel less. Well.. Guilty for turning my back on Team Will. I loved the ending of this book because it ended how I hoped it would...

I was so happy and content with things the way they were and I knew that my happiness and contentment would end with the second book.. But I carried on anyhow, which I thoroughly regret because it shattered that world for me, Tainted the first book for me and now I just don't have that closeness feeling with the characters that I did with the first one. So if you want to read these books, Honestly id still Recommend them, But if you love Elliott and don't want to be disappointed.. Read the first one and just be happy with the ending of Masque and just assume all's well after that, that they saved the day and everything was happily ever after with whom ever you want Araby with.. Imagine your own ending.. I wish I had of.

What did everyone else think on these books? Were you Team Elliott or Team Will, How did you like the endings? "