Ruin  - Rachel Van Dyken

If I had of listened to my first thoughts on this book I wouldnt have read it, Because to think that the main romance is the book is going to end with death, why would i want to read that? But boy was i wrong....

My second thoughts were a little off base too, I got a weird 50 shades of gray vibe from the main characters, The whole, Innocent girl, Rich not so Innocent guy, Stalker type and blah blah blah... But again.. I was wrong..

This book was nothing at all like i expected, It was Refreshing to read, So funny at parts and also sad, I found myself laughing through my tears because the Characters were always trying to look on the bright side of a dark dark situation..

I Loved all the main Characters, Weston was Just so sweet and sexy, Its so sad when bad things happen to good people,
Kiersten was amazing through out the whole book! Wes helped her come out of herself and her Depression that was left over after her parents death, but after she came out of her shell she was so great when it came to being there for her friends and doing the right thing.
Gabe was one of my favorites he was funny, Also being the witty one with something to say, He was so protective of Kiersten even thought they had only met days/weeks before, he was a big brother to her.
and Lastly Lisa, The Best friend and roommate of Kiersten and Cousin of Gabe, She was fun to read about because shes the type that wants to know every detail of your date so she can live through you.

I absolutely loved this book, Id recommend it to anyone, I read it in 2 nights.. I would have finished it in 1 if i didn't want to get some sleep.
It didnt slow down was none stop cute/funny/sad/touching and just everything in one... I cant believe I got this as a free eBook..It was to good to be free..